Deputy City Clerk

Contact:                                                                                              Location:
863-285-1100 ext. 233                                                                                    City Hall, 8 W. Broadway St.                                          Fort Meade, FL. 33841

Melissa Cannon 
Deputy City Clerk

The Deputy City Clerk’s office is dedicated to providing quality services to the public.  These services include maintaining and ensuring control of all official City documents and the preservation of historical records, attesting the Mayor’s signature and assuring compliance with Florida’s Public Record and Sunshine Laws.  As qualifying officer of municipal elections, the City Clerk works closely with candidates for City Commission.
The Deputy City Clerk’s office also responds to public record requests, performs public relation duties with the public and media, and prepares City Commission agendas and minutes.

Public Records Requests

The City of Fort Meade adheres to all State of Florida public access laws and will promptly respond to all public record requests.  In addition to any other method of requesting public records under Florida law, public records may also be obtained by contacting the Deputy City Clerk’s office at (863) 285-1173, by email at  by mail at P. O. Box 856, Fort Meade, FL 33841-0856 or in person at the Deputy City Clerk’s office located in the City Hall at 8 W. Broadway St., Fort Meade.  For your convenience and to ensure accuracy of documents supplied pursuant to your request, you may also complete the Public Records Request Form , which may be emailed or mailed to the Deputy City Clerk, or dropped off at City Hall.  Please note that a written request form is NOT required to submit a records request. 

NOTE: The City may charge in advance for copies and may charge a fee for extensive use of clerical or supervisory labor or extensive information technology resources.