Bids and RFPs

The City of Fort Meade promotes equal opportunity in the procurement of services. Bids and requests for proposals are posted in this section. Potential bidders are responsible for checking this site regularly to see if any addenda has been added.

You can also obtain a list of open bids by contacting Melissa Cannon at 863-285-1173 or email
 Bid  No.           Issue Date  Date Due  Name (Download here)  Pre-bid Conference                     
RFP 20-01  2/4/2020                2/28/2020         Multifunction Copiers  2/14/2020    
RFP 20-02  2/4/2020  2/28/2020  Residential Curbside Solid Waste Service and Recycling Service  2/13/2020    
RFQ 20-03  2/4/2020  2/28/2020  Continuing Services Contract for Architectural Services  2/12/2020    
 RFQ 20-05  2/12/2020  3/5/2020  Folding Wall Partitions at Community Center  2/18/2020
ADDENDUM RFQ 20-05 2/19/2020 3/19/2020 Addendum to RFQ 20-05 3/2/2020