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863.285.1119                                                   Operations Center
                                                                         521 4th St. NW, Fort Meade, FL. 33841

Mike Cagle
Streets/Stormwater Supervisor

The Streets Department repairs and maintains City-owned streets and sidewalks.

The Stormwater department is responsible for maintenance and construction of City drainage systems, street sweeping and the stormwater collection system.

To ensure a safe and clean environment for citizens while providing quality maintenance and repair of City infrastructure including streets, right-of-ways, sidewalks and stormwater management facilities.

The Streets and Stormwater Department provides services for:

  • 48 miles of paved streets for passage of automobiles
  • 2 miles of un-paved streets
  • 11 miles of sidewalks to meet the needs of pedestrians
  • 328 informational signs to guide you in the City
  • 102 speed limit signs for traffic regulations
  • 684 street signs for directional purposes
  • 452 stop signs/1566 total signs
  • 4 stormwater service ponds
  • 200 catch basins to grab debris
  • 60 culverts to divert run-off of the stormwater system
  • 48 miles of street to street sweep within city limits
  • 20 storm water outfalls
  • 5 miles of stormwater ditches to filter debris and sediment
  • 10 miles of stormwater pipe for continuous flow of stormwater