Citrus Connection on COVID-19

Danielle Judd, City Manager
City of Fort Meade
8 West Broadway St.
Fort Meade, Fl 33841 

Ms. Judd, 

As a result of the COVID19 pandemic, Citrus Connection, like many other entities, has been impacted heavily.  I’d like to report transit services rendered to the East County area had not been impacted thus far.

However, as this virus spreads and more testing becomes available, the scarier its gets for everyone; including our operators.

 We have been deemed by Governor DeSantis as an essential service and we are committed to that.  We are doing everything in our power to provide the county with the superior level of service they have always received, but this is proving to be more difficult the longer this pandemic goes on.

 Citrus Connection has provided our operators with several options so they feel safe continuing to operate our busses.  This, however, has left us with an unprecedented amount of operators calling off if they didn’t feel comfortable being in contact with our customers. 

 We want you to know we are working tirelessly to come up with ways we can continue to provide necessary transportation to those who are still going to employment and of course free transportation to those going to meal sites. However, in the coming weeks we are going to be cutting service significantly. 

 At this point, starting tomorrow, we are going to go to an “on demand” type service for those effected by the route closures.  This service is structured like our ParaTransit service where a customer calls our call center and schedules a ride.  Please note, this change will be budgetarily neutral. 

Starting tomorrow, Fort Meade will receive the same level of service as you do on a Saturday. This is about half of what you would normally receive on a weekday, until further notice.  The on demand service will greatly benefit those who are accustom to riding our system during the periods of time where we have reduced service.

 As things change and progress, will certainly let you know.  Until then, we wanted to keep you up to speed on the changes we are making to serve the citizens of Fort Meade.

 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Tom Phillips
Executive Director, Citrus Connection