Living in Fort Meade


Fort Meade is the oldest city in Polk County, conveniently located in the southwest corner of Polk County, in what is known as Central Florida's Bone Valley. Fort Meade has two major roadways, US Highways 17 and 98 to be used as transportation links to access Interstate-4 and the Polk Parkway.

Central Florida has experienced growth throughout the region over the past several years. Fort Meade was once a community based on agriculture and mining, but the new growth has renewed interest in the City as a place to live and raise a family. The City of Fort Meade is situated in an excellent position to attract growth both residential and commercial. The City has a modestly priced housing market, and the demand for affordable homes is on the rise. The activity in the community's housing market has increased the commercial sector's interest as well. Therefore, the city staff has worked with several commercial operations regarding site facilities.

Advancements in geotechnical engineering, environmental policies, and economic incentives have captured developer's interest for residential, commercial and industrial uses. The community is surrounded by an abundance of open reclaimed property, which was once considered agricultural, but has the potential to be developed for other uses. In addition, areas once considered as wastelands can now support commercial, residential and industrial projects, such as solar farms, power stations, and recreational facilities.

As interest in our region grows, available land, utilities, and transportation systems will be key factors in our community's future development. As we embrace this interest in our region, the City will be required to address a wide-range of issues regarding infrastructure, land use regulations, and annexations. To prepare, the community must be active and strive to maintain the old Florida character. Balancing the old with the new objectives will require a planned approach to finance, construction, and implementing changes, while maintaining and serving the community.

With that being said, the City of Fort Meade has partnered with the Central Florida Regional Planning Council to assist in all Planning and Development within the City.